Apr 22, 2014

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

This weekend, Husband and I decided to face the Seattle drizzle, and go up to Mt. Vernon to see the Tulip Festival. Before even entering tulip territory, we went to grab lunch at a Smoked Salmon BBQ. After the drive, a little food went a long way. Although I was displeased to discover, as I chomped on my entire baked potato that they hadn't washed the skin. Is that really a thing?

Husband says it is, and that people often don't eat the skin at restaurants because they know this detail. Where do "people" learn facts like this!? Anyway, dirt for lunch. yum.

... and now back to the tulips.

As we drove along the "Tulip Route", we were immediately astonished at the streaks of color that surrounding our car. Rows + Rows. Although I'd seen the It was like wearing high-contrast sunglasses - without glasses. I'm serious, these photos are edited true to nature. They are possibly even prettier in person. Tulips are my mom's favorite flowers, and I kept wishing I could just bring her here to see, if even just for a second. It would make the perfect mother's day trip. 

Anyway, I'll let these beauties do their own talking from here on.

If you're ever in northern Washington in April, Make the drive. Come see the unbelievable colors, painted along the skyline. Read more about the festival, here.

What are some of the cool festivals that take place around your area?

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