May 7, 2014

Humpday Bumpday // 15 weeks

weight gained: 4 lbs / size of: a baseball 

Man, the five-ish pounds I've put on have been stretching me in awkward ways, friends. Its funny that such a small change can feel like a big deal. five pounds. But my stomach is tight - and moving around feels awkward. Moving around in bed is when its the worst, it feels like moving a mountain. In all reality, it's just a tiny little gut.

My cravings and aversions have been dying down. I eat most of what I ate pre-pregnancy again. (RIP booze and caffeine) I do find myself wanting a few more sweets than normal - but I'm not too worried about that. I'm loving sour-ish things: mandarin + sour patch kids. Oooh gummy worms!

My wishing and missing are one of the same this week: I wish that I was sleeping better, because whelp, I miss that. I spend most of my nights tossing and turning (all the while kicking and shoving husband around) and trying to find that sweet spot that I used to fall into so easily.  And once I do finally fall asleep - nature calls - and I find myself stumbling into the restroom to relieve my over-active bladder. Oh, the joy.

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