May 28, 2014


weight gained: 6.4 lbs / size of: a Pint of Ben & Jerry’s

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and amazing thing! I've finally accepted the disappearance of deli meat in my diet and started to consistently remember to take my prenatal pills. Although my allergies have been OUT OF CONTROL, I have little else to complain about. I've yet to get sick - and have still been really regular in my gym + run attendance. I've been eating really healthily too, despite my desires to start the Willy Wonka diet. I think for me, those two factors have made all the difference in how normal I feel.

I am basically back to eating like normal. I crave a lot more dairy products than I did before though. I eat blocked cheese, string cheese, yogurt and milk, like they're going out of style. Greek yogurt with creepy cardboard (fiber) cereal has become a must. The struggle to keep things "regular" is real, my friends. The struggle is undeniably real. 

The fact that a human child is actually growing inside of me has started to really dawn on me this past week. It's so weird to think that there's a teeny pair of eyes, arms and legs floating around in me. And a little tummy + toosh, too. Oh, how I can already imagine how much I'll love that bitty toosh. But, seriously baby butts - WHO CAN RESIST THEM?! As I'm approaching half way, I'm just trying to cherish the sweet joys of my first pregnancy. Sometimes they seem small, but certainly joyous non-the-less.

On another note, I had my first stranger go for a belly pat this week. Followed by him asking, "why do people want to touch pregnant ladies bellies?" Duuuuuuude, seriously? You tell me.

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