Jun 21, 2014

A new look, but the same old me (kind of)

Hi, friends! Remember me? Britt. Yeah, I promise, I'm still alive. Just a little different looking. ha!

Why the change? Well for two reasons, really. 

1.  I let my domain name expire so that I could buy it directly from the provider, (rather than through google) but unfortunately somebody in LA swooped in and nabbed it before I could. Wah, wah. Why is this sob story even sadder? Because it was bought by a company that buys domains and then squats on them until their previous owner, or a new prospective owner dishes out big bucks for it. Whelp, lets be honest, yes? I'm not paying anymore than I already do for a domain name. Not to mention, I had also felt it was time for some aesthetic changes around here anyway. (see reason 2)

2.  Upon finding out I was pregnant, I realized that I wanted to blog about one thing: my imminent baby. Okay, and food, travels, photography and that jazz too. But I knew, once I held that stick of urine and plus signs in my hands that my life would never be the same. And it hasn't been. My goals, thoughts, feelings and focus have changed. Its not all about itbritt anymore. Thus, my hive. I think the new look better highlights my heart and focus for this place.

Hope you think so too.

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