Jul 14, 2014

disclaimer: this is not my baby

newborn portraits from brittandhive.com
newborn portraits from brittandhive.com
newborn portraits from brittandhive.com
 This, my friends, is Rilynn Saige. Consequently, this is NOT my baby. I repeat, I did not give birth to this child.  But I kind of feel like I did, and that should count for something.

This is the beautiful daughter, of my equally beautiful friend, who's portraits I took earlier this year to help her announce her pregnancy. Although I did absolutely nothing literal as far as eating, preparing or pushing - I feel as though she is part mine too. Like, in some weird way I helped this baby grow.

I'll never forget receiving a text the night she popped up as a big pink second line on a pregnancy test. I held in happy tears. Over countless coffee dates, her mom and I discussed options for breastfeeding, bottles, strollers, car seats, and diapers. And yes, we bought all the cute baby clothes we could get our grubby paws on.

Even though I know her better as a bump on her mama's belly, I know her. And although she may not recognize my face, she knows my voice. I can't help but marvel at my deep love for my friend's baby. Aren't my maternal feelings towards this new baby proof of the beautiful bond that is womanhood? The beautiful bond of those who can stand united together in this process of making and growing life.

Being pregnant at the same time has been such a blessing to me. With three months separation between our due dates, we often got to explore, learn and experience new things, together. So while Babykon is still very much a little chunk in my tummy - my other little baby is here. She's smiling, and sleeping, and crying a lot.

It's hard to imagine a love that will surpass what I feel today for this little girl. Just a few more months little Babykon, me and our family can't wait to meet you.

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