Jul 10, 2014


brittandhive.com: 24 weeks pregnant
brittandhive.com: 24 weeks pregnant
weight gained: 9 lbs / size of: a Baseball Mitt

Nearly every day starts with a hot soak in the tub these days. I wake up with pretty massive back + rib aches. I'm convinced that pregnant women are some of the few people who get to complain about pain in their ribs (among other places). It seems silly, but my goodness it can be rough. But those of you who know me personally, know that an extra bath in the morning is toooootally okay with me. As the day progresses, and I walk, stand, sit - my back begins to ache again. Thus, I find myself in the tub again before bed. 

P.S. On top of sleeping decent 8 hour nights, I also find myself in need of a nap around 12:20 each afternoon. Feelings: a little lazy. Husband has to remind me that the best thing for me and baby is to listen to my body, despite the dish, laundry and chore piles growing. (I've got a winner.)

Most of the time I want something fruity/sweet these days. I love a good old glass of juice, or fresh fruit when I can get my hands on it. I've also found a great love for plain special K. Dry. Eaten with my hands from the bowl. I don't know where it came from... but its good. I'm still basically coffee free, with a cup on Sunday (cheat day) during church. You would laugh to see the excitement build with the anticipation of driving to church. Hey, its the Sabbath, people. Live a little. and OF COURSE, Panera Mac'n cheese and I are still going steady. I'm fairly certain this affair will last long after the baby is born.

I am most honestly missing the cute T-shaped belly button that once took residence on my stomach. It has since been replaced with a bulging half innie - half outie depending on its day (and mood?). Each night I fall asleep expecting it to "pop out" overnight, only to find it's retreated back into its cave. For those of you in need of more of a visual, my sweet sister has begun referring to it as a butt hole. Talk about support and encouragement, eh? Never you worry, with all these hormones taking over my body, my self esteem is at an all time high. Surprisingly, that wasn't sarcasm. (this time).

Baby has been really kicking / punching / flipping up a storm in me. No doubt a sign to my giving birth to a future drummer, acrobat or kick boxer. For now I'm happily contented to be the only drum set in my little one's life. As if sleeping isn't already hard enough!

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