Jul 17, 2014

Thursday thoughts: Pregnancy Edition

Now that the whole 'we're growing a baby in my tummy' thing has become normal, I'm excited to share some of the crazy things that 'pregnant Britt' has done. I say it that way, because there are some days that I'm so clueless I just don't feel like the same person.

1.  Now that I'm pregnant, I find that my cell phone gets "lost" a little more often than it used to - if I haven't seen it in hours, I now know to check the refrigerator. OR the pantry!!

2.  As a pretty regular runner, pregnancy hasn't slowed me down too much. I can run about the same distance, but just at a little bit slower pace. I do find, that I'm slowed more often my my need to giggle between strides: while I picture poor little Babykon rolling around in there.

3. Lord, help dear Husband when he gets hungry. Why? Because I am ravenous too, but "nothing sounds good". The poor man ends up playing the alphabet game with restaurants and foods. Husband: "Applebees, Burgers, Chili's, Domino's, elbow pasta, french fries... mac n' cheese?" You catch my drift. Somewhere around #374 we find a winner.

4. Sleeping while pregnant is proving to be very difficult for me. After buying two body pillows, and using a third I already had, I've found the easiest way to sleep at night is without Husband. Sometimes the hour after he leaves for work is more satisfying rest than a whole night. Plus he's one of those guys who likes to steal all the blankets!

5. (insert joke here about urinary frequency). Its really not funny.

And thus, my friends is the end of this edition of Thursday thoughts. What silly things have you been learning lately? Any mama wisdom for me?

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