Aug 29, 2014

3 Basic Rules of my Pregnancy Workouts

top: Target | pants: c/o Yoga Outlet 

Life lately has become a constant yoga pant party. I'd like to say that its because none of my other pants fit me anymore. But that's not true. It just so happens that our little bee is growing at it's own pace - a pace in which my girth can still be zipped inside my "normal" jeans. That being said, the days in which I'd like to wear actual pants are rare. More scarce than that Waldo character. I just don't like them. (Real pants, nothing against Waldo here).

Back to the point. I've been working out through out this pregnancy gig - and have loved every second of it. I have had a very healthy, and enjoyable pregnancy thus far. That being said, I don't always have the motivation to get myself off my couch. But when I do, I've learned to follow these simple rules.

Lets face it - your body is smarter than you in every possible way. It knows when you need sleep, and then prompts you to doze off. It knows when you are hungry and sends those tummy wiggles your way. It's got you beat. So when your body starts alerting you of problems via pain, nausea, or dizziness - listen to it! Take a break - or avoid what you're doing all together.

Your car wouldn't run without gas. Your unplugged TV won't even turn on. So why would you expect a complex machine like your body to work well without food, water and rest? 

This is one of the harder ones for me to follow. Some days you're going to lag, go slow, feel weak, or need a break. On those occasions, offer your body a little thank you. It's so easy to beat yourself up when you compare the present with the past. You are growing a human being inside you. Appreciate your body for that, rather than resent it for taking an extra 3 minutes a mile.

What about you? What are your work out rules?
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