Aug 8, 2014

A coffee date with Jess

For those of you who don't know, this is my dear friend Jess of the Foreign Room. And this week I had the joy of meeting her - in person. Before you start rationalizing how this isn't a big deal, our homes are a 15+ hour drive apart. 15. So the fact that we could casually chat over coffee + a delicious (and matching) meal of Mole enchiladas meant the world to me. 

Jess was exactly like and nothing like I expected her to be. She was every bit as sweet - but much more outgoing than she reads. She mentioned that I was much more animated than she expected. Those of you who know me both online and offline are probably rolling on the floor laughing right now. Because, well, I am very animated. intense. quirky. and definitely animated. 

Meeting her was so great, and I wish that I could tell all. But, our day couldn't be summed up in a single post, so I'll leave you with a few details. If you had the opportunity to meet Jess in person, you would know:
→ We both agree that "tight niche" bloggers to be boring and lifeless - bring on the variety.
→ Jess is a grade A thrift shopper - her shopping style is systematic and spot on.
→ She is very decisive. She knew what she wanted to order in 1/3 of the time it took me.
→ Jess is well versed in blogs, and like me, she casually refers to her favorites by first name.
→ If you are checking out her food or drink, she's the kind to offer you a taste.

The coffee shop we met at was a unique 10x8 building in the inner sunset neighborhood, called Hollow. It was kind of out of the way, and verrrry tiny; but so cute and intimate. So having two bloggers in the little space pointing-and-clicking away was a little awkward. There are two, two-person tables - so show up a little early and snag a place for you and your friend... my bad.

It's perfect however, for a quiet work day out of the house. Not only was their coffee delicious, (more on that later) but the place sold all sorts of unique products. The counters donned beautiful huge glass domes full of delectable pastries. It was the perfect place to meet Jess.

And THIS, is the formally named Titanic II. Described as an artisan dark chocolate mocha - with a homemade 2x2 marshmallow thrown in for good taste. Jess got a butterscotch latte that had me drooling, too. The only thing sweeter than this baby, was the time I got to spend with Jess. Thanks for showing me around your city - and putting up with my prego waddle.

For those of you who don't follow Jess, you can find her here + see an instashot of the two of us together for further proof of our close proximity.

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