Oct 15, 2014

Anxiously Awaiting

With each approaching holiday this year came the inevitable question: what do you want? My answer was a solid one - something for baby. After a couple decades of life and a few years of being out on my own I have accumulated plenty. There are closets full of silly things that I thought would make life easier, better, or prettier. What I really wanted this year, was to prepare for my little baby bee. 

These past couple of weeks have felt like Christmas has come early. All of our final online orders have been constantly streaming in. The wet bags, the jogging stroller, the car seat adapter, the Moses basket - all of it. I even had a small heart attack when my Honest diapers came in the mail. Honest subscribers: does this excitement ever go away? I would have never guessed that a box of diapers and wipes could (and would) bring me such joy!

We have the car seat installed and have been driving around our good friend 'baby bunny' for a few weeks now. Baby bunny is - you guessed it - a stuffed bunny. There is nothing more fun than driving around knowing that a small bunny is watching your husband through the rear-view mirror.

We may or may not have taken baby bunny for a ride in our new B.O.B stroller too... just saying.

But it won't be long now, until baby bunny is inevitably replaced with baby. Our baby. The same baby that has been kicking around in my tummy for months, cuddling and hogging all those bowls of Panera mac'n cheese. 

There will be (I assume) great amounts of pain, and tears on my part. Probably equal amounts of laughing, smiles and anticipation. We'll make exciting, hurried phone calls and send text message updates. There will be more talk about whether baby bee will be a boy or a girl - and I'm sure, some "I told you so's" will be involved. There will be photos - hundreds of photos. (because, really.)

...and ten little fingers. Nine miles to the hospital. Eight million Naval doctors. Seven visitors headed our way. Six or less hours of sleep. Five new uncles and aunts. Four proud new grandparents. Three loving great-grandmas. Two exhausted parents. One perfect baby. 

Here's to the next few weeks!

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