Oct 21, 2014

Behind the camera: baby daddy edition

Through out this pregnancy, Husband and I have been trying to document each week of bump growth by taking a photo. Same position, different location, every week. While some weeks I have felt disheveled, huge, and cranky -- my dear Husband always has a good time with it. 

Like the complete control freak that I am - each week starts with me setting up the shot, angle and background that I want. And then we switch places. About halfway through I began to realize that my man loves being in front of the camera. Loves. As in, he is a total and complete ham. Each week there are probably 2-3 shots of him, and these are the absolute best ones. (in my opinion of course.)

1 5 w e e k s - Because really, who shows up to take photos of their beautiful pregnant wife without their gun...

1 6 w e e k s - There is nothing manlier than posing in front of large flower bushes. Nothing.

1 7 w e e k s - Only you can prevent cheesy humpday photos.

2 1 w e e k s - All that smoulder, because one friend said he looked 'kind of like' Channing Tatum. Once.

2 6 w e e k s - Looks like somebody has been reading fashion blogs over his wife's shoulders after all...

Whelp, if you didn't believe me before - now you do. Hope you are enjoying a few laughs courtesy of my introverted husband. I think he was actually more excited about this post than I was. He's been joking about starting his own blog lately... and I'm starting to think he may actually mean it.

But more on that later. 

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