Oct 8, 2014

Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

My husband is trying to kill me. Go with me on this: he has spent the last twenty weeks coddling me. We're talking sleeping in in the mornings, long afternoon naps, foot massages, back massages, neck massages. We've spent our days cuddling with warm mugs and back to back episodes of our favorite netflix series - until this weekend.

This weekend, my dear other half declared we were going on a hike to Hurricane Ridge. We'd never been - and "who knows when another day would so perfectly align". I obliged. Not out of duty nor love, but out of complete ignorance towards what Hurricane Ridge is in the first place. Translation: elevation - 5,200 ft.


He also tried to 'spoil me', by treating me to Mexican delicacies. Unfortunately, I forgot my tums. And then he attempted to induce stress by informing me we forgot our special military park's pass. Something about having to pay a $15 entry fee for lack of planning really gets me reeling. (They let us in free, anyway.)

But despite these small transgressions against a 37 weeks pregnant woman - the day was perfect. I mean it.

It was so nice to escape the never ending collection (and organization) of tiny baby socks - and see something so much bigger than ourselves. After approaching the overlook - husband and I stared silently for a good 10-15 minutes before we could even speak. The mountains were so green and so vast that even a panoramic camera wouldn't do it justice. Its funny how that happens, isn't it. You can be so wrapped up in all the little details of something - only to be set free by the vastness of something greater.

As our due date quickly approaches, we hope to continue adventuring together every weekend. We have hikes, long drives, and festivals on our October calendar. A few weekends have two or three packed in.

Told you he's trying to kill me...

But the truth is, that as our time as "we" transitions to "three" we are trying to glean every bit we can. Every tiny baby kick, every laugh, each morning of sleeping in. And you best believe we are soaking in every single minute free of a crying baby. Not that we aren't excited for that too. I am so thankful for our growing family - and so thankful for the time we have now to focus solely on one another.

Isn't life great?
Sorry for the long silences in this place. What trouble have you been getting into?

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