Oct 23, 2014

Interchangeable Baby Bow-Tie Bibs

Interchangeable Baby Bow-Tie Bibs
Interchangeable Baby Bow-Tie Bibs

As most of my crafts do, this project started with a need that could not be met online. While I had pinned this adorable photo of a little boy rocking a bow-tie bib, the site had since stopped selling them. Worse yet, after pouring over etsy and various other online retailers I came up short. The products were either waaaaaaayy too expensive, or not at all my style. (and by that I mean ugly).

So I decided I was going to make my own. *Insert a deep husband sigh*

You see, there is this rumor that women pass along about pregnancy. Its described as a stage of high productivity - given the downward spike that hits most pregnant women around week nine. They call it: "nesting". And you see, I've been waiting for months for said nesting to kick in. I was ready to scrub all the baseboards with a toothbrush, and clean the top of the refrigerator. Somewhere around month nine it hit me: I may never receive "the nest". So I buckled down and cleaned up the house anyway.

A couple weeks ago, it hit me. It was like being hit with a train, hit me. I was NESTING!! But alas. my poor house was relatively clean already. So I've collected a 'few' projects to help with my need for high productivity. Bow tie bibs made the cut. I sewed the first set in the first day. Realizing that I had 80% of my fabric left over, I decided to make as many sets as I could with the materials I had on hand. Seven. I sewed seven extra sets.

As somebody who has been toying with the idea of selling handmade projects online for a long time, the idea of using these as a test drive was really appealing. So there you go. I kicked into high gear, finalized a shop front - and took some product photos. Bam! I'm selling them. For now, just the seven spare sets I've got made. So they are kind of a first come, first serve - test run kind of deal. Maybe they will fly - maybe I'll forever have a lifetime supply of baby bow-ties. Nonetheless, I have them packaged and ready to go to my first seven buyers.

Each set comes equipped with a white bib (with snap), five tiny interchangeable bow-ties and three snaps for you to apply to your babe's favorite onsie or bodysuits. You simply pick a bow tie - snap it on and call it good. The snaps are sturdy and well attached so no worries about baby yanking them off (and tossing 'em out of the stroller) or using it as a teething toy. Best yet - when the bib or onsie gets dirty, just pull the bow off and toss it in the wash.

So snag a pair for your little own little man, or buy one for a friend, co-worker, or nephew. With the holidays just around the corner, it's the perfect gift for that baby that has it all. 

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