Nov 10, 2014

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Dear Canon,

The first few weeks we've shared have come and gone so quickly. It's all been a blur of mid night feedings, sleepy smiles, tiny clothes, and lots of laundry. 

We took you on your first - and second hikes in the first week - you slept through them both. You also slumbered through a whole day in downtown Seattle, an afternoon at the aquarium, and another one at hurricane ridge. You sleep a lot, until it's time for me to sleep. Then you're wide awake.

The first diaper change at home was a fun one - as you sprayed me with a 'surprise' second poop as soon as I pulled the first diaper off. The second was just as memorable, as you pooped directly into my hand via a loose diaper. That night you spit up down my nightgown, and then proceeded to surprise me with a urine bath when I went to change you in the dark. Needless to say, we dove in head first with the bodily functions...  I now have absolutely no fears.

We've finally found our breastfeeding groove, you and I. After a few days of painful latches and several more of extreme engorgement, feeding you is now easy. You've begun latching on yourself and sometimes get frustrated when I try to help you out - flailing your arms and refusing to open your mouth. You also like to play around before you grab on, especially at 3 am.  I wonder where you got that stubbornness?

All of your grandparents, and auntie A were here for your first week - and your spoiled bum never had a moment alone. Now your dad and I feel guilty setting you down, as you make this little pout face. It's adorable - and effective. We've also accidentally become co-sleepers you and I. It started off innocently enough with the two of us falling asleep after mid-night nursing. After a few nights of failed attempts to keep your eyes closed while in your bassinet... I've completely given up on you sleeping in it anytime soon. Don't worry, it's getting its use as a burp cloth + blanket storage.

Postpartum depression is no joke, little one. Just when your poor dad thought I couldn't get any more hormonal, I did. One second I'll be changing your poopy diaper and the next I'd be drowning in tears. It is usually spurred on by something silly - like breastfeeding being less painful, or you taking your first "practice" bottle so that your dad and I can go out this weekend.

You are easily the most wonderful and intimidating venture I have ever taken on. The good news is, we have a lifetime to learn and grow together, you and I. (and a rock solid dad/husband to fall back on) 

We love you sweet baby boy; Happy two weeks of life!

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