Dec 16, 2014

DIY Seed-stitch knit Beanie for baby

DIY Seed-Stitched Baby Beanie

Go back in time with me... Britt is 10 years old and in fifth grade. Her parents, who thought she was a genius, signed her up to take what I call the "more than moderately intelligent test". What they didn't tell her was that her success on this test would transfer her to a new school district, with harder classes and stricter curriculum. Insert sarcastic whoop. (and to think, she just wanted to prove her intelligence...)

Of course, she smashed the test - duh.

SO, back to Britt at 10 years old: She's sitting at home on weekends because she has been bombarded with homework. Not worksheets, friends. She wished for worksheets. There were plays to be reviewed, and then reenacted in front of the class with shadow puppets. Books to be read and then converted into actual (playable) board games. (Which our teacher than forced us to play... Lord of the Rings Candyland anybody?!) Students were also encouraged to take up an instrument. And... knitting. Yes, unbeknownst to Britt - her success on the aforementioned test would land her a teacher who considered knitting to be a valuable and necessary life skill. 

While most 10-year-olds were picking their noses and watching Spongebob... Britt was picking her nose, and watching Spongebob whilst simultaneously knitting. KID. YOU. NOT. I knit stuffed bears, and socks, and hats, and scarves, and hats and scarves for my knit bears. Because, I can't play an instrument worth a darn (no, not even percussion) - but boy, can I knit up a mad storm.

Fast forward fifteen plus years - where pinterest is now the thaaang, there's a huge push for home/handmade, and being unique isn't grounds for a beating... And I feel like I've made it. This is my generation, people! (bows for applause.

So here I am: Knitting for baby. Yes, I'll get to the point. There are billions of free patterns online, but I think I've found one of the cutest! It's a pattern for an adorable seed-stitched knit hat with matching newborn mittens. yes. See above - as if you could resist looking at that cute baby before reading this ridiculous story.  If you are a beginning knitter, this pattern is for you. The seed stitch looks a little intimidating at first, but you can do it. Find the free pattern here. It's gorgeous, seriously.

Can you knit? What have you made?!

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