Jan 22, 2015

a whole box of Goo-goos

In our cross country drive, there have been plenty of memorable moments. But none as sweet or memorable as our time together in Nashville, TN. Your momma has always wanted to visit, and she finally had her chance. You met dad's friends, and got to spend a whole afternoon in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum! You were sleeping most of the time, but we have pictures to prove you were there!

Before entering the Hall of Fame that morning, your mom had spotted a sign painted on a bus bench promising chocolate. So that afternoon we sought the bench, and then the store. Bundled to death in hats and jackets we finally wandered into the Goo-goo store, "He's so darling" the clerk said of you - sleeping in my arms. I smiled politely back. We grabbed a salted pretzel Goo-goo and got in line to pay.

"I'd reckon you could trade him for a whole box of Goo-goo's," one man remarked in an thick accent that added an extra syllable to each Goo. Goo-ew Goo-eww.

"I'd hate to see what that man would do for a Klondike bar," I later joked in the hotel room. Your dad and I laughed and laughed.

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