Jan 17, 2015


My favorite parts of nap time are the beginnings and ends. First you get fussy as I snuggle you in for a feeding. It's as if nobody else is in the room. You, and me babe. As you feed you, I gently swing you and pull you in tighter. It's warm - and your sweet smell fills my lungs. You sweetly suckle and lull yourself to sleep. And then all is quiet and well in the world. Those moments are the best. Waking up is better though. It starts with a little rustling as your breathing becomes less rythmic. Then the coo's begin. Ooooohs and Ahhhhs that fill your bedroom until I come to pick you up. I am often greeted by more babbling and big smiles - as if you missed me deeply for the 30 minutes we were apart.

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