Feb 2, 2015

sleep training or lack therof

"So is he sleeping in his crib now?"
"How are you guys sleeping?"
"One time we had my daughter sleep in bed with us at a hotel, and she's been in our bed ever since..."
My Son, I pray you have mercy for your mother as you grow older. One of us is prepared for you to start sleeping on your own, and one of us is, well not. I'd like to say that it's because nursing is so much easier in the middle of the night. Or it's because you are teething - and you need the comfort of your mother to sleep. But really, it's because I'm a Grade A helicopter mom. And after reading this article, I've realized that I too will join the ranks as world's worst mother-in-law. Because, God forbid thirty years from now when you decide you want to get married, you will break your mom's heart. Because at that point I hope you'll still live with us, compliment me on dinner and crawl into bed - squished between your father and I.

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