Feb 24, 2015

snow day + four months

brittandhive: baby lifestyle photography
brittandhive: baby lifestyle photography

Dearest Canon,
You officially have been here in our arms for four months now. Four gloriously messy and happy months. I could bore you with clichés about how fast time goes, but that wouldn't mean much to you. You are growing right on schedule, love. 
For the first time in four months of your life, you saw snow today. It came down in giant balls, then lightened up and flurried about. We threw open the blinds and laid in bed snuggling, and layering on several pairs of socks. Though our morning cuddles are usually filled with your constant babbling - today's was had in silent observation. You would only glance away from the window momentarily to make sure that momma hadn't gone anywhere. Spoiler alert: I hadn't.

Because while you watched the snow fall, I couldn't take my eyes off of you. Yours were full of wonder and joy, as you traced the white balls floating by the window. I allowed my eyes to oscillate. You. Snow. You. Snow. You. 

And this is the adventure of motherhood. I reserve the shotgun seat in your learning and development. I get to laugh alongside you as you discover your voice. Now there are two of us to talk over daddy's TV shows. When looked at from your eyes, magic replaces mundane. New life is breathed into daily tasks. The drive to the store is full of billowy clouds and towering trees - not just bad traffic. I look forward to the days in which your amazement is met by words, but for now the intense staring and baby shrieks will do.

Though nursing can be disruptive and inconvenient, I wouldn't trade our moments for anything. I feel like a magician when a crying baby (you) is replaced by a jovial one (also you) with nothing more than 15 minutes of nursing. Your grand-parents aren't thrilled with the fact that I haven't had you weighed since you were born. The fruits of my labors are in each pound and inch you gain. Even if we have no tangible way to track them. Your cheeks are fuller, and you are happy. Each evening bath is in celebration of another day we survived together. And baby, these days are good.

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