Jan 19, 2015

Weekend in Southern California

My deep love for you is beautiful - but in the way that you expect it to be. More beautiful to me is the devotion found in those who have a choice. Your auntie loves you in the I'll-sit-in-the-backseat-while-you-throw-a-fit kind of way. and the walk-in-circles-for-hours-because-that's-what-keeps-you-smiling-kind of way. And that makes your mom fall in love with both of you all the more. Family is the greatest blessing Canon, and we hope to build one that you are happy to be part of.

We spent this weekend at the beach with your Mimi + Papa, dropping off Auntie Jess and Tio off back at school. There was a miserable hike - you pooped through your diapers in the first .02 miles... and lots of time spent walking through downtown SLO. You saw the beach for the first time, too. Although you didn't love it, I hope you are willing to give it another chance? Perhaps when we get settled into the North Carolina humidity.

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