Mar 13, 2015

What's in my Diaper Bag

I know that I am not the only deranged stalker who loves a good peek-see into somebody else's bag. I know this because there are a million of these "in my bag" posts floating around the internet. And people read them. So, at the encouragement of some of you, here is what I tote around to keep the baby (and his momma) happy.

I tried to include as many links as possible for the inquiring + baby-bearing kind. I know that I was crazy about reading these things (and stalking up) when I was pregnant. Note: not shown are spare clothes, because lets be honest, we all know what baby clothes look like... And without further ado... 

1 - My wallet, of course. 
2 - A handful of receipts, some loose change and a grocery list on my All Out Of Magnetic Pad. I get asked about this notepad nearly every time I go to the store. It has the necessities listed, and you just check what you need. Genius.
3 - Honest Company hand soap + Bath and Body Works hand-sanitizer: for those moments in which you really wish your hands were clean. 
4 - Burt's Bees Face & Body Sunscreen. I love this sunscreen because it is easy to roll onto a squirmy babe's face and doesn't smell super sunscreen-y.
5 - Chapstick. Must I really say more?
6 - A RaisingRoyale Swaddle blanket. I love this thing. It's so pretty I've actually worn it out as a scarf before.

- Carter's burp rags. These are my go to because they are thin, and get the job done. I appreciate that I can easily carry around a handful of these - and they are easy on they eyes.
2 - Bowtie-bib and some spare bows, especially since baby has been drooling up a storm lately.
3 - Bright Starts Links: I really can't say enough good things about these links. Canon loves to play with them on their own, and we also use them to teather toys to his carseat, chair, etc. For under $5 these babies are a steal.
4 - Phone Teether - This thing is cute - and Canon loves throwing it onto the floor repeatedly. Yay.
5 - Broccoli Bites Teether - Baby and his parents love this equally. It's a cute, cheeky little teether that I don't have to be embarrassed to tote around. Encouraging my son to eat vegetables? A gal can hope.
6 - Skwish Natural Rattle - We ended up finding this second hand somewhere. BEST PURCHASE EVER. He can chew on it, throw it, and shake it. This thing is perfect for tiny hands to grasp. Needless to say, it comes everywhere.

1 Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? The Crown on Your Head - Eric Carle and Nancy Tillman books are high on our favorites list. We have plenty of both in our library.
2 - Bowtie-bib and some spare bows, especially since baby has been drooling up a storm lately.
3Honest Company diapers and wipes - I know that everyone assumes that these are bought for the patterns (which, are great), but I really love how well these fit and contain messes. Not to mention my baby has yet to have a single diaper rash - and that speaks for itself.
4 - Burt's Bees Baby Bee Cream To Powder - This stuff - oh, man - it's fun. Yes, it's fun. It goes on creamy and then becomes powder. Don't have kids? Play with it. Not to mention, all the Baby Bee's line smells subtly sweet of lavender. Its delicious.
5 - Brica On The Go Diaper Changer - The diaper bag came with a changing pad, which lasted all of... a week. Poop touched it, soaked in, and stained it forever. This one is waterproof (shouldn't they all be?) and is still free of stains and messes to this day. It wipes clean instantly.

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