Apr 9, 2015

Blogger guilt, and new projects.

Blogging is hard for me. Not in a "I don't know what to say," way. Those of you who have met me in real life know that I am very rarely without opinion on this thing or another. No, my problem is that I am a very inconsistent human being. I love taking a new path each time I go somewhere. Or getting ready backwards, just for the fun of it. I hide from schedule and structure - and anything that would consistently get new content into this space. That is why you see, what you see here. Tiny bursts of inspiration followed by equal bursts of silence. 

But I'm not here to apologize for that - It's who I am. However, since having Canon, I have been trying to find a better balance of work, and play. A way to fit all the cuddles and creativity + chores into 24 hours without feeling nutso. In trying to do so, I have realized that it is nearly impossible - most days. So I've been shifting - taking out parts of my days, replacing them with other bits to see what works. To see what fits

While my goal is to eventually find a way to jam blogging back into my schedule - as of now it's a low on the priority list. HOWEVER - I have been big time diggin' on Instagram lately. I have started a project called #writeitwednesday. It started as an attempt to intentionally better my photography and typography - and has spiraled into a way to connect through all the joys + hardships of motherhood with other moms. If we aren't connected already, follow me, and drop me a comment or two. I'd love to connect over there for a while - until we meet here in this space again.

Below are a few of my favorite contributions to #writeitwednesday - come play along


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