Oct 6, 2015

#hotel living

My sweet boy, 

We traveled down to Rome, Georgia this weekend for a blogging conference. You are officially my favorite travel buddy. Even though we spent two of the four days driving - you we're a champ. It's hard to believe what a big boy you're becoming. In the mornings I'd wake before you, pull back the hotel curtains just a little, and lay back down so I could watch you sleep for a few minutes. You entertained yourself by playing with my socks in the empty drawers - and pushing all the buttons on the room safe. When all of that got boring, you toyed with the air conditioning panel. Boy, you are the best roommate ever. You didn't even complain when I kept the room at a crisp 69 - or left my multiple wet towels lying around the room. We watched all the TV we could stand and stole lots of kisses. Here's to many more years of adventures together, my love!

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