Dec 14, 2015

Adding peppermint to royal icing How to liven up your royal icing with Peppermint essential oil. yummy!

With Christmas comes around each year I begin to feel nostalgic. I tend to think back to all of the great joys and fun of Christmas past. This year especially I am thinking about last, when we got to bring down our sweet baby boy to show our family for the first time. Although some of our family was able to make the trek up to Seattle to see him when he was born, some were not. 

When we arrived he had just turned two months old. He still had the sweet morro reflex and enough newborn head smell to go around. We spent most of the trip bundling him up in hats that were too big, sleeping on various couches + baking. YES, baking. For the first time since we had Canon, I was able to easily pass him off and get my sleeves covered in sugar and flour. 

If there is one thing that represents the holidays arriving in my household - its baking Christmas cookies for our friends and neighbors. Although traditionally my mom always made a tripple batch of Martha Stewart's sugar cookies and a nice buttercream, I prefer gingerbread. I was given a bag of these gingerbread cookies (and the recipe) by a dear friend when I was in college. Since that day, I have made them EVERY year since. (I promise Gingerbread haters - this one is different.)

BUUUTTT this post is not about gingerbread cookies, per say. If you want that recipe, you can go over here. Instead I am here to post about infusing the royal icing with peppermint EO.

Which is pretty much as easy as whipping up your favorite royal icing recipe and adding a few drops of Peppermint to taste. Two things to keep in mind when working with essential oils. One, they are VERY concentrated. be sure to mix really well between drops and take it easy - It won't require much. and Two, essential oils are powerful enough to burn through plastic. Especially thin, cheap plastic, say - icing bags. My advice is to put the icing in the bag ONLY when you are ready to pipe and to throw away anything that wasn't used immediately. Nobody wants plastic breakdown in their Christmas cookies!

Enjoy! (and have a great, whatever you celebrate!)
What are your fun plans for the season?

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