Oct 30, 2016

17 week update

FEELING: excited to have nearly hit the halfway point without too many hiccups.
EATING: the seemingly endless supply of tootsie rolls from our Halloween candy. (sorry, kids)
HOPINGthat C will be more gentle with baby H than he is with baby bunny.
READINGTreasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full by Gloria Furman.
CRAVINGPanera mac'n cheese. Surprise, surprise.
WORRYINGabout Zika virus while living over on this silly coast.
LAUGHINGat C's antics. Today he pointed at me, sternly, "rules!" Is that what mama looks like? "Yes."
WATCHING(read: binge watching) Gilmore girls. I have never seen it, and enjoying every moment.
LISTENING: to the Coffee + Crumbs podcast while running + trying not to cry. Sooooo good, guys!
CELEBRATING: finally weaning Canon, with the exception of one time just before bed.
WONDERINGIf the baby will be a boy or a girl. C swears up and down that we're having a 'durrl'.
WORKING: on finishing the binding on my first two quilts ever. (feeling nervous).

Gosh, these last 17 weeks have been an absolute blur. There have been travels, trials and triumphs that have made time fly by. She who says the second pregnancy doesn't feel much faster is a liar. (or at least she has a much more well behaved toddler.)

Feels so successful this week to report that after (what feels like) a year of trying to wean C off breast milk - we are pretty much in the final inning folks. We're talking ONE time ONCE a day. And for me, that is as good as it could get over here. I cannot believe how much actual time is freed up when you no longer have a small tyrant insisting that you take your top off every couple of hours! The key: the baby latte. I may actually write up an entire post about this because it has been so successful.

I have been making things like crazy for B2K - and the house is so full of craft supplies that I'm embarrassed when my husband comes home from work. The ironing board has been in the hallway for weeks, there is a hot glue gun (accidentally left on) in the kitchen, and our dinner table is covered with scraps of fabric, yarn, and fake flowers. I am not sure if its nesting, or just plain excitement. I'm going to lean towards excitement because I have not felt compelled to scrub my toilets in a few weeks now.

And as if that isn't all exciting enough - my mother is coming out to visit her long lost grandson (and daughter) later this week. We are going to party like its 1980-something.

What have you been up to lately? Any good recommendations for me?

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