about the Britt

It all started in Mrs. Morrill's first grade class. I was a dorky California outsider - straight from Oklahoma - with bowl cut and 'weird' accent firmly in tact. She was the most terrifying human being I had ever seen. Shy, and afraid to ask to use the restroom, I became the class pant-pee'er. There's always one - and I was it. After one or two (or three) occasions of overflowing my hybrid desk / chair with my own urine I was ready to give up on public school altogether. But alas, my parents wouldn't have it. Life must, and did, go on.

But it wasn't until the fateful day in which I pee'd my pants in front of my kindergarten reading buddy that I snapped. I was through being shy, quiet Britt. That day I realized that words, if used well, could be powerful. And could save you from a years of humiliation. So I began to speak up. I started to ask to use the restroom, made some friends, and went on that year to successfully ditch the sad wet-pants persona. I became Britt 2.0, but Britt for short.

A total blabbermouth. 

At least I wasn't peeing my pants in class anymore, right?

Fast forward through the years, I was offered numerous trips to the 'prize box' for well given speeches. I won the school fable writing contest in second grade. In third, I made Joshua cry by declaring that I didn't like him - like him back. Throw in years of highly 'liked' facebook posts, pats on the back for superior writing skills, and a journalism class (or two) and here I am.

All of these experiences confirming the lesson that Mrs. Morrill's class had already cemented in my mind: what I have to say is of great importance to others. 15+ years later you can find me here, blabbing, blogging and still thinking that what I have to say is very important. I'm Britt, welcome to my blog.